Cuentos and Testimonies I: Diversity and Inclusion at Texas State




Bourgeois, Gene
Hayes, Autumn
Bowman, Scott
Pimentel, Charise
Pimentel, Octavio
Guajardo, Miguel A.
Valadez, Monica
Grimaldo, Leticia Romero
Henry, Genise
Henderson, Karon

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Texas State University, Office of the Provost


Cuentos and Testimonies is a collection of short chapters, edited by Dr. Octavio Pimentel and Dr. Miriam F. Williams, is the result of an open invitation for faculty to share their thoughts and vision for diversity and inclusion at a Texas State. This edited book collection is designed to pave a path forward, toward healing and reconciliation. The editors acknowledge that we must continue to share our stories (cuentos) in real time and face to face, but there is power in the written word, carefully crafted and considered. Chapter 1: Introduction (pp. 1-4) Chapter 2: The Yes-Ands (pp. 5-10) Chapter 3: Intentional Inclusion - Thoughts on Galvanizing a Diverse and Inclusive University (pp. 11-17) Chapter 4: I Stress Less and Sleep More at a Hispanic Service Institution (pp. 18-23) Chapter 5: ¡No escondan el nopal! Sus raíces son obvias! ("Don't Attempt to Hide your Latinx Ethnicity! Your Ethnicity is Obvious") (pp. 24-29) Chapter 6: Framing of Pláticas, Reflections and Cuentos (pp. 30-40) Chapter 7: Diversity & Inclusion in Academic Program Development and Faculty Recruitment: An Interview with Professor Libby Allison (pp. 41-48) Chapter 8: Cultivating Activist-Based Pedagogy in the Age of Generation Z (pp. 49-55) Chapter 9: From Foster Care to College Student: Addressing the Need for Equity, Access and Inclusion in Higher Education (pp. 56-63) Chapter 10: Diversity is Essential to a Thriving Collegiate Culture (pp. 64-69) Chapter 11: Pushing Boundaries of Tejanx: Visibility, Inclusion, and Experimentation (pp. 70-75) Chapter 12: A Call for Anti-Discrimination: Embracing Difference through Respect, Responsibility, and Reciprocity (pp. 76-81)



multicultural education, inclusive education, diversity, inclusion, minorities, higher education


Pimentel, O., & Williams, M. F. (Eds.). Cuentos and testimonies I: Diversity and inclusion at Texas State (1st ed.). Texas State University, 2019.


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