Men As Fathers: A Content Analysis of Father's Day Advertisements




Bonnette, Aaron

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Through mainstream media, men are often exposed to and expected to adopt stereotypical masculine traits, which include excessive aggression, power and dominance, and emotionless. Studies have shown that the conformity to these gender norms can predict numerous variables, including depression, sexism, aggressiveness, etc. (Addis, Syzdek & Mansfield, 2010). This thesis examines, through qualitative content analysis, the portrayal of fathers within the media through the use of Father’s Day advertisements. The Father’s Day advertisements were predicted to adhere to the typical masculine gender role. These predictions included that the advertisements would be geared towards dad’s personal life (work and play) rather than his family life, would depict men as being strong and tough, hardworking, and breadwinners, and finally, would depict men as being aggressive. As expected, the quantitative content analysis revealed that Father’s Day advertisements reflected men as being working men rather than family men, strong and tough, hardworking and breadwinners, and aggressive.



masculinity, gender studies, social role theory, fathers, gender norms, Honors College


Bonnette, A. T. (2016). Men as fathers: A content analysis of Father's Day advertisements (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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