Geographic Assessment of Roadway Hazards at Water Crossings




Tiefenbacher, John

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With apologies to the REP program, as of June 8, 2006, this project is still in progress. Due to unsuccessful data acquisition from state and county agencies, the intervention of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and limited time (during last academic year) for field data collection, I am still gathering data and hope to have results by August 2006. About 22 days have been spent driving roads in Hays, Blanco, Kendall, Comal and Bexar counties to acquire data, ten to fifteen more days will be required. Collection in Hays, Blanco and Kendall has been completed with more than 2500 miles and 120 crossings surveyed. For each crossing, attributes related to location, design, visibility, and traffic rates have been gathered. In addition, digital data has been compiled in preparation for combination with and spatial analysis of the field-gathered data (which have been entered into a data file). A supplemental report will be available for the REP committee in September, if desired or requested.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


geographic assessment, roadway hazards, water crossings, Texas


Tiefenbacher, J. P. (2005). <i>Geographic assessment of roadway hazards at water crossings</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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