The Influence of Surface Preparation on Low Temperature HfO2 ALD on InGaAs (001) and (110) Surfaces




Kent, Tyler
Tang, Kechao
Chobpattana, Varistha
Adi Negara, Muhammad
Edmonds, Mary
Mitchell, William
Sahu, Bhagawan
Galatage, Rohit
Droopad, Ravi
McIntyre, Paul C.

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American Institute of Physics Publishing


Current logic devices rely on 3D architectures, such as the tri-gate field effect transistor (finFET), which utilize the (001) and (110) crystal faces simultaneously thus requiring passivation methods for the (110) face in order to ensure a pristine 3D surface prior to further processing. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and correlated electrical measurement on MOSCAPs were utilized to compare the effects of a previously developed in situ pre-atomic layer deposition (ALD) surface clean on the InGaAs (001) and (110) surfaces. Ex situ wet cleans are very effective on the (001) surface but not the (110) surface. Capacitance voltage indicated the (001) surface with no buffered oxide etch had a higher Cmax hypothesized to be a result of poor nucleation of HfO2 on the native oxide. An in situ pre-ALD surface clean employing both atomic H and trimethylaluminum (TMA) pre-pulsing, developed by Chobpattana et al. and Carter et al. for the (001) surface, was demonstrated to be effective on the (110) surface for producing low Dit high Cox MOSCAPs. Including TMA in the pre-ALD surface clean resulted in reduction of the magnitude of the interface state capacitance. The XPS studies show the role of atomic H pre-pulsing is to remove both carbon and oxygen while STM shows the role of TMA pre-pulsing is to eliminate H induced etching. Devices fabricated at 120 °C and 300 °C were compared.



low temperatures, hafnium oxide, indium gallium arsenide, surface chemistry, scanning tunneling microscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Ingram School of Engineering


Kent, T., Tang, K., Chobpattana, V., Adi Negara, M., Edmonds, M., Mitchell, W., Sahu, B., Galatage, R., Droopad, R., McIntyre, P., & Kummel, A. C. (2015). The influence of surface preparation on low temperature HfO2 ALD on InGaAs (001) and (110) surfaces. Journal of Chemical Physics, 143(16), pp. 1-8.


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