Asian Americans’ Ethnic Identity Exploration and the Role of Ethnic Community in a Southern City in the United States




Weng, Suzie
Choi, Shinwoo

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


This qualitative study explores Asian Americans’ ethnic identity concerning their process of exploring their own identity belonging and the impact of an ethnic community in a southern city in the United States. The South has mainly consisted of European Americans and African Americans. However, it has diversified to include an increasing number of Latinx and Asian Americans over the last several decades. Yet, the growing Asian American community remains disparate in its ethnic identity and nationality. Therefore, this study uses the phenomenological method to provide a more in-depth understanding of ethnic identity in an Asian American community within a southern region of the United States. Themes emerging from interviews included the need to bridge two worlds, the desire to be part of a community, and the existence of a two-layer community involving both ethnic and racial identity. This study contributes to a greater understanding of Asian Americans’ experiences in and adaptation to the Southern region within the United States. Implications for practice are provided for social workers when working alongside Asian American clients.



ethnic identity, Asian American, ethnic community, qualitative study, Social Work


Weng, S., & Choi, S. (2021). Asian Americans’ ethnic identity exploration and the role of ethnic community in a southern city in the United States. Societies, 11(03), 109.


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