The Impact of Principal's Actions on High Performing Hispanic Schools




Kent, Christine L.

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As changing demographics have shifted Texas to a majority-minority state, Texas public schools have struggled to address the needs of both the changing population and the longstanding disparities in educational achievement between racial and ethnic groups. Building on research by Reyes, Scribner, and Scribner (1999), this study identifies the actions of principals in high performing Hispanic schools in Texas. Looking through the lens of sociocultural theory, this study operationalizes the four aspects of the Implementing Best Practices dimension of the framework developed by Reyes, Scribner, and Scribner (1999): advocacy-oriented assessment, culturally responsive pedagogy, collaborative governance and leadership, and community and family involvement. In addition to demonstrating the continued relevance of the Reyes, Scribner, and Scribner (1999) work, this study suggests additional pieces of the framework. Further, this research reveals a relationship between principal mindset and sustainability of school improvement efforts. The results of this study have implications for policy-makers, those who prepare educational leaders, and researchers of school improvement practices.



School improvement, Educational equity, Hispanic students, Principal preparation, Community engagement, Educational leadership, Turnaround Principal


Kent, C. L. (2014). The impact of principal's actions on high performing Hispanic schools (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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