Upper Extremity Angular Kinematics of the One-Handed Backhand Drive in Tennis Players With and Without Tennis Elbow




Knudson, Duane V.
Blackwell, J.

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Wrist and elbow angular kinematics and racket acceleration at impact were measured in the tennis one-handed backhand drive for three groups of players: Professionals with no history of tennis elbow (PRO), intermediates with no history of tennis elbow(-TE), and intermediates with a history of tennis elbow (+TE). Electrogoniometer, strain gauge, and accelerometer signals were sampled for thirty strokes at 1000 Hz. The first ten strokes with central impacts were analyzed. Angular kinematics and racket acceleration at impact were analyzed with planned comparisons ANOVA. A significant (p < 0.05) difference in mean wrist angular velocity after impact was observed between the PRO group (-4.04 rad/s of extension) and the +TE group (0.42 rad/s of flexion). No significant differences were observed in impact acceleration or elbow angular kinematics. Eccentric wrist extensor muscular actions through impact may be an important area of study for one-handed backhands and TE.



tennis, tennis injuries, angular kinematics


Knudson, D., & Blackwell, J. (1997). Upper extremity angular kinematics of the one-handed backhand drive in tennis players with and without tennis elbow. Physiology and Biochemistry, 18(2), pp. 79-82.


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