A Dataset for the Flood Vulnerability Assessment of the Upper Cross River Basin Using Morphometric Analysis




Ogarekpe, Nkpa
Obio, Ekpe
Tenebe, Imokhai
Emenike, PraiseGod
Nnaji, Chidozie

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The on-site collection of data is not only time consuming, but expensive and perhaps near impossible in restive communities within the upper Cross River basin (UCRB). Therefore, the importance of this data cannot be overemphasized. This article presents a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), land use and land cover (LULC) map, soil map, geology map and climatic datasets which enhance the understanding of the physical characteristics of the upper Cross River basin using morphometric analysis. The use of the LULC map, soil map and the DEM in conjunction with the climatic data enhance the creation of the Hydrologic Response Units (HRUs) and the water balance modelling. The simulation of the water balance at the HRU level enables the routing of the runoff to the reaches of the sub-basins and then to the channels. The geology map provides confirmatory information to the morphometric analysis. The compound factor computed from all the derived morphometric parameters enhance the determination of the overall flood potential of the congruent sub-basins.



vulnerability, upper cross river basin, morphometric analysis, floods, Ingram School of Engineering


Ogarekpe, N., Obio, E., Tenebe, I., Emenike, P., & Nnaji, C. (2020). A dataset for the flood vulnerability assessment of the upper Cross River basin using morphometric analysis. Data in Brief, 30(105344).


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