Welcome To Andromeda! A Choose Your Own Path Screenplay




McCurdy, Merrick Ann

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Welcome To Andromeda! is a science-fiction choose-your-own-path screenplay. Inspired by both HON 3396C: Screenwriting: A Structured Approach to Writing for the Screen and HON 3396X: Storytelling in Video Games, this project weaves the creative freedom of a screenplay with the interactivity of video games all into one science-fiction adventure. However, the adventure isn’t your typical run of the mill science-fiction as the film sets out on an intergalactic mission to explore a universe beyond humankind. This leads to the distant planet of Andromeda where viewers will meet the Dronemedians, who are curious lemur dragon hybrids. Viewers will follow Key, a young Dronemedian, who happens to sit on Andromeda’s governing body, the High Council. But business is far from normal when a satellite explodes, and an unknown spacecraft takes its place in the Andromeda sky. This soon leads the Dronemedians to meet the Claquians, a nomadic robot-like species, for the very first time. And it’s up to the viewers to help Key make some of the biggest decisions of this intergalactic public relations affair and Key’s young life.



screenplay, science-fiction, aliens, choose your own path, Honors College


McCurdy, M. A. (2021). Welcome to andromeda! A choose your own path screenplay (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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