Assessment of Landscape Change in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada, Using Multitemporal Composites Constructed from Terrestrial Repeat Photographs




Cerney, Dawna Lynn

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This dissertation examined the landscape level changes which have occurred in Waterton Lakes National Park between the years 1914 and 2005. This research utilized both traditional repeat photography and digital image processing techniques, associated with satellite image analysis, to examine the changes observed in repeat photographs of the same landscape through time. Multitemporal color composites, principal components, image classification, and level slicing were used to process registered images of Bellevue Hill, Horseshoe Basin and Lakevue Ridge. The resulting digital images offered insight to the spatial nature of the vegetation change which occurred over time at these sites. Change observed includes an increase in forest cover through upward and down ward migration and infill of conifers and aspen both on the eastern slopes of the park and the valley bottom of Waterton Lakes National Park.



landscape changes, repeat photography


Cerney, D.L. (2006). Assessment of landscape change in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada, using multitemporal composites constructed from terrestrial repeat photographs (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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