Twentieth Century Popular Music In Texas: History, Definitions, And Characterizations Of Selected Genres / Styles With An Emphasis On Música Tejana




Garcia, Felipe

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<p>Music in Texas is as diverse as the variety of cultures that make up the Texas population. Each one of these different cultures, while although different in their backgrounds, shared the same desire for a new life in frontier of Texas. Once these cultures came together, they shared cultures with one another, creating a culture that cannot be described as anything else but Texan. Music is a perfect example of the mixture of cultures to create something unique Texan. Groups like Mexicans, African-Americans, Anglo- American, and the German / Czech, for example, all made extremely significant contributions to the music of Texas, and sharing cultures while simultaneously absorbing elements to create new genres and styles.</p> <p>One example of a genre of Texas Music that successfully synthesizes various aspects of the various musical cultures of Texas is Música Tejana. One style of Música Tejana, known as the Conjunto, synthesizes the German / Czech instrument, the accordion, with traditional Mexican instruments, such as the bajo sexto / bajo quinto and tambora. Another style, know as the Orquesta, combines elements of the Conjunto with the American genre of Jazz / Swing / Big Band to create a new style that would go one to represent new generations of Tejanos (Texas-Mexicans) until the end of the century and beyond.</p>



Texas, Popular Music, Música Tejana


Garcia, F. (2014). <i>Twentieth century popular music in Texas: History, definitions, and characterizations of selected genres / Styles with an emphasis on música Tejana</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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