Change in the Music Industry? In Your Wildest Dreams! One Indie Band's Experience




Zarate, Ivan

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The music industry we see today has become the subject of a massive overhaul with the introduction of social media. Social media has amplified the presence of music in each person's everyday life, affecting how an artist navigates the music industry. Using present and past literature along with an interview with an amateur artist, I will attempt to create a guide for the new artist. The problems we see major artists go through are notable examples of how change in the industry is so big that it must come from the top of the pillar. These problems are universal, and new artists face these problems on a minuscule scale though the implications they have on their financial livelihood are greater. Social media has made an impact on the music industry, but has it benefited artists? These findings will educate music industry newcomers and will help them succeed.



music, IP law, Swift, Taylor, indie, independent


Zarate, I. (2023). Change in the music industry? In your wildest dreams! One indie band's experience. Honors College, Texas State University.


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