The Biden-Harris Administration's Contributions to Climate Change: A Quantitative Analysis Surveying Recent U.S. Policy




Gibson, Emily D.

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The United States has an inconsistent history with environmental policy, most recently shown through cutbacks in environmental standards under the Trump administration. However, the current presidential administration under Joesph Biden has taken a stand in favor of the planet, with persistent vows to create an energy revolution and more clean jobs. This research investigates active environmental policies drafted by the Biden administration. Quantifying their laws into categories based on their overt and underlying themes gives insight into an overall understanding of how the Biden administration plans to encourage environmental change, what kind of change, and in what areas. It is understood that much environmental degradation is the fault of large corporations and developed nations, and individual efforts alone will not stop nor reverse the global damage to our planet. Investigation into what the current administration is offering both the United States and the world in terms of positive environmental change is determined by how well they follow facts and science. This quantitative data finds that environmental sustainability and rectifying climate change is not the only area Biden’s administration targets with laws addressing the environment. Economics, domestic politics, and international relations play a large role in the direction of environmental law. Understanding the reasons behind and results of these new laws can shed light on what areas the United States environmental laws are lacking in, and what should be targeted next to further the important agenda of avoiding climate disaster and irreparable damage to the earth. Targeting what is truly responsible for climate change and aligning efforts with science are needed to make real positive changes for our planet.



climate change, environment, policy, Biden, Joe, global warming, Honors College


Gibson, E. D. (2023). The Biden-Harris Administration's contributions to climate change: A quantitative analysis surveying recent U.S. policy. Honors College, Texas State University.


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