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Knudson, Duane V.

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Keywords are important bibliometric tools for classifying, accessing, and summarizing research. Communication in and external recognition of kinesiology research may be limited by inconsistent use of terms. Citations to the top twenty Google Scholar (GS) Citations Profiles were retrieved for 20 kinesiology-related subject keywords used as GS “labels”. Total citations to top scholars were largest for the disciplinary labels “physical activity,” “exercise,” “physical education,” “sport science,” “sports,” “exercise science,” “sport,” and “kinesiology.” Citations to top scholars using professional labels were in “sports medicine” and “coaching.” The results confirm previously reported trends of slow growth of use of the term kinesiology primarily in the United States even though the highest citations were to the “physical activity” focus of the field. Strong citation counts to the “exercise,” “physical education,” and “sport science” GS labels likely result from the diversity of research interests in the field throughout the world. Kinesiology-associated scholars are influential leaders contributing to a majority of highly cited research using kinesiology subdisciplinary keywords as labels in GS Profiles. The study confirmed previous research of inconsistent use of the terms “sport” and “sports.” Inconsistent use of terms and keywords are a barrier to recognition of and the search for kinesiology-related research.



keywords, research line, sport, subject area, exercise science


Knudson, D. (2022). Citations in Google Scholar profiles by kinesiology subdiscipline. Journal of Kinesiology and Wellness, 11, pp. 25-33.


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