Creating Custodial Classes: An Instructional Program Guide for Custodial Workers




McBride, Pamela G.
Engel, Jonathan C.
Caverly, David C.

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This program guide documents a custodial job family curriculum that develops competence in generic work force education skills through business writing/clerical skills and reading and writing courses. An annotated table of contents lists a brief description of the questions answered in each section. An introduction presents a program abstract and a guide overview. The remainder of the guide is structured according to the four stages in the process of setting up a work force instructional program: partnership building, curriculum development, actual instruction, and evaluation. A detailed table of contents to each section outlines the steps involved in completing each stage. The section on developing partnerships identifies some key partners and structures for achieving their involvement. The section on developing curriculum describes some structures for assessing and organizing input from a variety of sources. The section on teaching the class presents a curricular model with specific examples of daily classroom activities. The section on assessment and evaluation describes a variety of assessment tools and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. The conclusions section offers a preliminary analysis of the program's results and summary of program effectiveness. Appendixes include sample course outlines and lesson plans, registration and evaluation forms, and a selected bibliography divided into work force skills (59 items), background theory (47), and practitioner resources (20).



adult basic education, business communication, business skills, classroom techniques, community involvement, curriculum development, custodian training, instructional materials, job skills, job training, literacy education, program development, program guides, program implementation, reading skills, school business relationship, student evaluation, workplace literacy, writing skills, Curriculum and Instruction


McBride, P. G., Engel, J. C., & Caverly, D. C. (1992). Creating custodial classes: An instructional program guide for custodial workers. San Marcos: Southwest Texas State University.


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