The New Normal: Carrying Lessons from Writing Instruction During COVID-19 Forward




Benacquisto, Kaitlyn

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This research looks at the successes and failures of instruction and facilitation of instruction in writing-intensive classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is evidence-based research with best practices for online writing instructors, this research focuses primarily on the experiences of professors who had little or no prior experience with online teaching before the pandemic. As part of my research, I interviewed professors who teach writing-intensive classes across the College of Liberal Arts as well as an expert in writing enriched curriculums (WEC). I also conducted a student focus group and gathered additional research for synthesis centered around best practices for online writing instruction and writing across curriculums (WAC). This research provides insights into the successes and failures of writing instruction in regard to the four main areas of technology, inclusivity, communication, and professor-student relationships during the past year of online instruction. Eventually most professors and students will return to face-to-face, but it is widely acknowledged that the return to face-to-face will look different than it did prior to the pandemic. This research aims to synthesize what we already know from best practices with the experiences of those teaching and learning during COVID-19 in order to make broad suggestions for teaching writing in the new normal.



writing, writing instruction, online learning, COVID-19, new normal, Honors College


Benacquisto, K. (2021). The new normal: Carrying lessons from writing instruction during COVID-19 forward (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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