On the Nature of the X-ray Sources of Glimpse C01




Eastep, Erin

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We are reporting on the results of the analysis of six Chandra X-ray Observatory observations focused on the galactic star cluster GLIMPSE C01. Glimpse C01 is an interesting cluster due to the number of x-ray sources. Original estimates of the clusters age put it about ~500 Mys (Davies et al. 2011), though recent estimates put it at about 1 Gyr (Hare et al. 2018.) Either age estimate would put it at an age where there should be little to no x-ray sources in the cluster. We have identified 20 x-ray sources within the cluster and 12 potential optical/near-infrared (NIR) counterparts. Utilizing six new observations from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, we analyzed and fit the x-ray spectra of 6 of the most luminous sources to further study the nature of this cluster. To compliment these observations, we also took another look at data from the Hubble Space Telescope to study these sources. In addition to this we also collected other x-ray data about the sources such as counts, luminosity, flux, etc.



astrophysics, astronomy, physics


Eastep, E. (2022). On the nature of the x-ray sources of glimpse C01 (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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