Experiences of Secondary-Aged Latinx English Learner Students in Virtual Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic




Saenz, Diana

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This descriptive qualitative study seeks to understand the experiences of secondary-aged Latinx EL students during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the lens of CRT and LatCrit theories, the researcher analyzes the testimonios of eight secondary-aged Latinx EL students. This study addresses a gap in the literature as it pertains to online instruction during the pandemic and focuses on the challenges and victories that are unique to the Latinx ELs that participated in this study. It focuses on the many ways communities can support Latinx EL students by creating awareness to the issues of oppression that students experience in our schools. Understanding how disproportionately COVID-19 has affected Latinx ELs can provide more meaningful insight into their realities. This study evaluates the academic and emotional support systems provided by Texas schools during the pandemic as well as the vital role the families played for the participants. Data was collected by conducting semi-structured individual interviews (testimonios) using an online platform. The research findings indicate that students that participated in this study significantly relied on the emotional support of their families to overcome the emotional concerns they experienced during the pandemic. This study highlights ways participants navigated unchartered territory as the pandemic presented many challenges to the existing school system. The results, implications, and recommendations for future research will be more thoroughly presented in this study.



testimonios, COVID-19, online education, Latinx, EL


Sáenz, D. (2022). Experiences of secondary-aged Latinx English learner students in virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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