Making Connections: A Feasibility Study and Visualization of a San Marcos, TX Greenway




Spurlin, Andrew

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This project is an effort to spur the development of a pedestrian, bicycle, and wheelchair-accessible greenway connecting Purgatory Creek Natural Area and the river parks of San Marcos, TX. This project leaves the work of planning to the experts and citizens who should share their knowledge and input on the finer details of how a trail should be constructed and financed. Instead, research was directed towards the simpler task of identifying three potential routes for a multi-use trail based on varying levels of and definitions of suitability. This required the combined use of geographic information systems (GIS), web development, and multimedia to display the trail corridor in multiple scales. The hope is that offering viewers a virtual experience of the proposed trail will inspire the San Marcos community to step up and preserve a safe, inexpensive opportunity for outdoor recreation and alternative transportation in a rapidly-growing Texas community. This paper outlines the motivations, methods, and conclusions gathered during the research process.



San Marcos, TX, greenways, multi-use trails, geographic information systems, GIS, virtual tour, parks, watershed protection, greenbelts, Honors College


Spurlin, A. (2013). Making connections: A feasibility study and visualization of a San Marcos, TX greenway (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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