A Witch's Guide to Starting Fires




Hardy, Elizabeth-Andrea

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A Witch’s Guide to Starting Fires is not just a video game. It is an interactive experience for the player that places them in a world not so different from our own: a world where the Salem Witch Trials never ended and became part of the government system. This game serves as a commentary about a world where a collection of people are cast aside as lesser because society is afraid of what they don’t understand and can’t control. This thesis is a high-level design document for A Witch’s Guide to Starting Fires. The document goes into depth about the world of Space, Illinois and the citizens that reside there. There is a choices tree provided that navigates through the various paths the player can take in the game, as well as provides basic profiles of each character featured. In addition, the thesis discusses the mechanical concepts of the game. This covers the ways in which the player moves and interacts with the game, as well as the actions they can carry out as the player character. Furthermore, there is art ranging from music, scenery, and the interface of the game so that the reader can begin imagining the world they will be playing in. Lastly, there are numerous scenes from the game that will go into the script alongside a video game demo. Overall, this thesis is a culmination of the visual, conceptual, and mechanical components of A Witch’s Guide to Starting Fires.



witches, video games, design, future, supernatural, Honors College


Hardy, E. A. (2019). A witch's guide to starting fires (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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