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As an acting major, this may be groundbreaking information; I’m a Shakespeare fan. I’ve always been astounded how his words can paint these elaborate pictures in my head. The emotionally rich stories, the intensity of the characters, and the puzzle of finding the meaning within the beautiful, tricky language completely fascinates me. I’ve always found it viscerally disheartening to hear people dismissing it as boring, confusing, or intimidating. So, in order to repay my debt to Shakespeare, I decided to write a play- written in poetic iambic pentameter, which would be so expressive, clever, and beautiful that it would cause the entire world to fall in love with Shakespeare. The play would become an instant classic, and I would be lauded as one of the greats. I carried the responsibility with pride, only problem being that it was not fun. If something’s not fun, I tend to let it lie. Luckily, a meeting with a fellow artist and friend caused a breakthrough! Not every piece of art has to come from the depths of your soul and unlock hidden truths about society and the universe. Entertainment is a perfectly reasonable motive to create something, even if you’re the only one having a good time. I believe it was Shakespeare who said, “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”. I began this piece attempting to prematurely rise to Shakespeare’s level of wisdom, but now I figure this play will be a lot more interesting if I instead grab Shakespeare by his funny little collar, and drag him down to my level for a bit. I present to you, the first ever Shakespearean stoner comedy, “Pacifica”.



Shakespeare, comedy, new


Brown, W. (2023). Pacifica. Honors College, Texas State University.


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