Collaborative Game Design: An Interdisciplinary Video Game Production Team




Landgrebe, Brittany

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Students from a wide variety of academic disciplines will come together in this thesis project to create a video game Intellectual Property (IP). The video game industry is predominately interdisciplinary, demanding that team members and leaders effectively communicate and collaborate in order to create a successful product. The purpose of this collaborative project is to experiment with an undergraduate interdisciplinary team centered on video game development in order to present a solid argument for the incorporation of such a program into the offerings of undergraduate degrees available at Texas State University. Based upon background research into current graduate and certification programs, professional studios, independent developer processes, and available texts on the various subjects within video games, this project is adapted for a single semester. The thesis project encompasses the various aspects of pre-production creative focus; the synthesis of ideas and implementation in production; and the possible outlets of marketing and distribution of post-production. This thesis project will also analyze the process through all stages of development, comparing this truncated project timeline to corporate studios and independent developers. The final products of this thesis project will include a High Level Design Document (HLDD) and a playable demo of the video game IP. In addition, it will provide all participants with experience in interdisciplinary collaborative environments and transferrable skills within the creative and innovative technological industry.



video games, game design, production, development, interactive fiction, creative industries, design practice, production team, Honors College


Landgrebe, B. M. (2015). Collaborative Game Design: An Interdisciplinary Video Game Production Team (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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