Asynchronous Peer-to-Peer Learning: Putting Student Projects to Work in Future Classes




Talley, Kimberly G.
Smith, Shaunna

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American Society for Engineering Education


For instructors interested in flipping their courses or using in-class video introductions to new topics, the development of custom video lecture content can be a daunting task. Having students create videos as a term project creates the potential opportunity to engage students in peer-to peer learning via videos while also generating course content that could help flip a course over time. In addition to aiding the instructor in course content generation, the project helps the student creators learn the video content, as indicated by the literature. This paper explores the effectiveness of resulting asynchronous peer-to-peer video content at facilitating student learning amongst the students enrolled in a Construction Estimating course from four semesters of implementation. Pre- and post- video presentation quiz scores were analyzed to verify an overall statistically significant increase in student quiz performance for the majority of the video projects whether used in class to introduce a new topic during the semester or during the end-of-semester presentation day for new projects. Thus, this study shows the promise of student-produced videos as course content, especially for those instructors seeking to flip or partially flip their course. Additionally, the paper presents some lessons learned from the implementation of a video project to produce course content.



streaming video, flipped classroom, peer instruction, Engineering Technology


Talley, K. G., & Smith, S. (2018). Asynchronous peer-to-peer learning: Putting student projects to work in future classes. Advances in Engineering Education, 6(3), pp. 1-25.


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