High Intensity Strength Training in Conjunction with Vascular Occlusion




Raymond, Christopher

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of vascular occlusion in conjunction with an 8 week high intensity resistance training or occlusion protocol on muscular hypertrophy and strength. There is limited amount of research investigating high intensity occlusion training. The purpose of this type of training was to provide a tool for competitive athletes to utilize during their high intensity resistance training programs to elevate their performance in their respective sport or activity. A total of 15 NCAA Division I baseball players participated in this study. Seven participants utilized occlusion sleeves during a section of their high intensity occlusion training program targeting their biceps and triceps, twice a week for a total of eight weeks. Eight participants underwent the same training program, without the use of the occlusion sleeves. All participants underwent pre and post training strength measurements and girth measurements, 14 cm above olecranon process. Overall, the participants utilizing the occlusion sleeves during parts of their training program realize no significant changes when compared to the control group. In fact, the right bicep isokinetic strength at 60 degrees per second of the experimental group decreased when compared to the control group. In conclusion, a high intensity occlusion training program does not improve muscular strength gains or muscle hypertrophy when compared to a traditional high intensity training program. Based on the results of this investigation, a high intensity occlusion training program would not be recommended for an athlete looking for an advantage in their training regime.



Occlusion, High intensity training, Vascular occlusion


Raymond, C. (2013). <i>High intensity strength training in conjunction with vascular occlusion</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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