Besties: Exploring the Unique Friendships Between Women in College




Bowman, Lily

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This project examines the friendships between women in college. Many young adult women form unique bonds during their college years. While lots of these friendships turn out to be life-long bonds, many other friendships are short lived (yet, no less impactful). Friendship is a necessity in anyone’s life. While many women form lasting bonds with childhood friends or friends made in their later adult lives, there seems so be something unique about the relationships made between collegiate women. In this project, I will be interviewing women currently enrolled in college, as well as women who attended college decades ago. These interviews will be transcribed, combined, and used to create an artistic piece that aims to answer the following questions: Who do we hold close? Why do we let them go? What makes a friendship last?



women, friendship, poetry, Honors College


Bowman, L. (2022). Besties: Exploring the unique friendships between women in college (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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