Developing an Internet of Things Protocol Test Bed for Evaluating a Modulation Technique and a Medium Access Control Protocol




Sampathkumar, Ranganathan

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Internet of Things is used in a wide range in our day to day life, but there are many potential new IoT applications that cannot be implemented due to power and capacity limits in IoT systems realizable with current technology and existing standards. New wireless protocols and advanced modulation techniques are promising features for the development of real time, higher capacity, lower power, user friendly IoTs, but there are currently no low-cost commercially available hardware tools that can probe deeply into the operation of the physical and link layers of current IoT systems. This lack of low-cost tools makes it difficult for researchers to develop new modulation techniques and medium access protocols and to evaluate how they will act in an IoT system. The main aim of our research is to develop a low-cost test bed using an open source Software Defined Radio (SDR) that has full duplex capability along with the open source software. The test bed will have the capability to control and evaluate wireless protocols and modulation techniques. This test bed will be extremely useful for future IoT development.



IEEE802.15.4 protocol, Lime SDR USB, Wireshark protocol analyzer, GNU radio companion, OQPSK modulation


Sampathkumar, R. (2020). <i>Developing an internet of things protocol test bed for evaluating a modulation technique and a medium access control protocol</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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