Stakeholders' Perceptions of Universal Mental Health Screening in Schools: A Systematic Review of the Literature [paper]




Matthias, Pasha

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Introduction: The school environment is an opportune place to identify if students have mental health needs, and Universal Mental Health Screening tools screen students who may possibly have mental health and/or social-emotional concerns. The purpose was to summarize the perceptions of stakeholders regarding the use of Universal Mental Health Screening in schools, so we can understand why it is not widely used. Method: All studies focused on the perception of the use of universal mental health studies in schools. Each study was selected based on the results of the Rapid Critical Appraisal Questions for Descriptive Studies. The final screening of primary studies resulted in sample size of six. Results: Themes of the studies were that Universal Mental Health Screenings of children and adolescents is beneficial, useful, and an easy way to screen students while in school. Another theme throughout the studies was the importance of screening students with a Universal Mental Health Screening tool. There are also several barriers to implementation of the use of Universal Mental Health Screening. Discussion: Findings showed that stakeholders believe the use of Universal Mental Health Screening is beneficial, but there are barriers to the use of Universal Mental Health Screening that need to be addressed for it to be implemented successfully. Evidence supports that stakeholders overall feel Universal Mental Health Screening is a valuable method of identifying students who may have mental health issues.



children, adolescent, school, universal mental health screening, attitude, perception, Nursing


Matthias, P. (2022). Stakeholders' perceptions of universal mental health screening in schools: A systematic review of the literature. St. David School of Nursing, Texas State University.


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