An Assessment of Texas State Agencies Employee Performance Appraisal Forms

Martinez, Mindy M.
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<p><b><i>Purpose:</i></b> The purpose of this research is three fold. The first purpose uses the literature to develop the characteristics of a model employee performance appraisal form. The second purpose is to gauge selected Texas mid sized state agencies performance appraisal forms using the model. The third purpose is to make recommendations to improve the performance appraisal forms.</p> <p><b><i>Method:</i></b> Content analysis is the research method used to assess the employee performance appraisal forms of Texas state agencies. The data is collected through content analysis of Texas state agencies employee performance appraisal forms. The study examined twenty-seven Texas state agencies that were non-educational institutions that employed 50 to 1000 employees.</p> <p><b><i>Findings:</i></b> The overall findings reveal that the majority of state agencies do use the components, and some may need to be defined more clearly. There were also several additional criteria found on agency forms that may be useful to other agencies.</p>
Texas state agencies, employees, performance appraisal, model employee, appraisal forms, Public Administration
Martinez, M. M. (2006). <i>An assessment of Texas state agencies employee performance appraisal forms</i>. Masters of Public Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.