Video Game Design Document for "Lost Vanguard" a Tactical Role-Playing Game"




Steed, Connor Russell

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Lost Vanguard is a tactical/strategy role-playing game (SRPG) set in a mixed high fantasy world with strong science fiction elements. The game follows Valos Tyr, a general from the human kingdom of Rylon. Valos finds himself in the future, where the once-great kingdom he served is a shadow of its former self. Once the domain of the feared Elder Dragon Army, the kingdom now suffers from a lack of resources, a dragon-less army, and is now dependent on a dwindling supply of Elven technology. Valos, driven by duty to his land and a desire to find the cause of his circumstances, decides to assist the prince of this future kingdom, Warrec. This prince is young, inexperienced, and burdened by the mistakes of his predecessors, yet he is determined to repair his shattered kingdom. The game features an exciting journey through the storied lands of Aedrest, a continent home to several factions of humans, elves, dragons, and magical cyborgs. The journey follows the protagonists as they build their army of unique characters and rebuild their lands and alliances of old. The game progresses through strategy missions where the player orders their characters around on unique grid-based maps to defeat opponents, seize locations, rescue civilians, and complete many other interesting objectives. While fighting, characters can gain experience and level up, allowing the player to build their units over time and grant them interesting abilities. Various characters include diverse role-playing classes such as lance-wielding wyvern riders, sneaky spies with poisoned daggers, and technological mages with portals that summon fire explosions.



video game, creative writing, game design, tactics game, SRPG, role-playing game, Honors College


Steed, C. R. (2021). Video game design document for "Lost Vanguard" a tactical role-playing game" (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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