Underrepresented Populations' Understanding and Awareness of Careers in Geography




Foster, Ellen J.

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


In the past two decades, there have been projects aimed at attracting minority students to careers in geography. The paper reports on one such geography-based minority recruiting model summer program for high school students. Part of the program curriculum included sessions aimed at expanding student know ledge and understanding about geography as a career path. In addition, the original research investigated the postsecondary goals and retention of geographic knowledge of the participants (Foster, 2006). Over a ten-month period, students consistently identified a broader variety of career pathways open to geographers than they did before the summer program. Thus, the research confirmed an increased understanding of applied geography that did not end at the conclusion of intensive training, but continued to reach into following years.



geography, geographic education, underrepresented populations, socio-cultural learning, mixed methodology, career pathways


Foster, E.J. (2009). Underrepresented populations' understanding and awareness of careers in geography. Research in Geographic Education, 11(1), pp. 25-36.


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