The Agrarian Reform in El Salvador: Implications for Future Food Supply and Nutrition Issues




Berrios, Cecillia Beatriz

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The purpose of this thesis was to assess El Salvador's agrarian reform. focusing on its implications for future food supply, nutrition. and health issues. An effort was made to determine whether the agrarian reform incorporated these concerns. The study maintained that the agrarian reform was not an end in itself, but that it was the means to address other issues; namely, food supply, nutrition, and health. Findings suggested that while one objective of the agrarian reform was to enhance food production so as to increase the population's access to food, in actuality it failed in this. Land reform in El Salvador tended to respond more to land redistribution pressures than to the goals of increased food production and productivity. Population projections to the year 2000 point to a bleak situation where food scarcity and its negative effect on the nutritional and health status of the population will constitute a greater challenge to the government.



El Salvador, land reform, food supply, nutrition policy


Berrios, C.B. (1988). The Agrarian reform in El Salvador: Implications for future food supply and nutrition issues (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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