Growth from below: Bilayer graphene on copper by chemical vapor deposition




Nie, Shu
Wu, Wei
Xing, Shirui
Yu, Qingkai
Bao, Jiming
Pei, Shin-shem
McCarty, Kevin

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IOP Science


We evaluate how a second graphene layer forms and grows on Cu foils during chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Low-energy electron diffraction and microscopy is used to reveal that the second layer nucleates and grows next to the substrate, i.e., under a graphene layer. This underlayer mechanism can facilitate the synthesis of uniform single-layer films but presents challenges for growing uniform bilayer films by CVD. We also show that the buried and overlying layers have the same edge termination.



bilayer graphene, copper, chemical vapor deposition, single-layer films, bilayer films, Ingram School of Engineering


Nie, S., Wu, W., Xing, S., Yu, Q., Bao, J., Pei, S., & McCarty, K. F. (2012). Growth from below: bilayer graphene on copper by chemical vapor deposition. New Journal of Physics, 14, 093028.


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