Pedernales Falls State Park Spring Dye Trace Project: Determining the Source of the Spring at Pedernales Falls State Park




Wierman, Douglas A.
Walker, Jenna
Moreno, Jaime

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The results of this dye trace study confirm that the source of the spring at the base of the falls at Pedernales Falls State Park (PFSP) is mainly a diversion of river water through a swallet or sink upstream of the park originating in the Marble Falls Formation. Continuous monitoring with a field fluorimeter, charcoal samplers and grab samples of water collected at the spring detected fluorescein dye poured near the area of the swallet. Dye breakthrough at the spring indicated a travel time of approximately 15.5 hours over a 2.4 mile distance.



Pedernales River, streams, water temperature analysis, Pedernales Falls State Park, Edwards Aquifer


Wierman, D. A., Walker, J., & Moreno, J. (2017). Pedernales Falls State Park spring dye trace project: Determining the source of the spring at Pedernales Falls State Park (Report No. 2017-06). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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