Stellar Bodies: A Multimodal Poetry Collection




Farrell, Kennedy

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This poetry collection places free-verse poems with python code, mathematics, images, and collage to create a connected set of multimodal artifacts that support a central exploration of identity. Inspired by poems where form follows function, or the very presentation of the poem speaks to the ideas it treats in text, I explore the line between poetry and other forms. The collection and its evaluation of identity looks topically at a variety of ideas surrounding centers, including the experience of women in male-dominated spaces, womanhood and motherhood, centers of self and of the world, and other evaluations of identity and its forms. In this exploration, the study of physics, astronomy, and mathematics offers a convenient lens to the interactions of people, systems, worlds known and unknown to us, and the possibilities of nature. Here, the aspect of translation is most helpful in viewing abstract ideas, such as falling in love, as a natural, mathematical experience, composing the abstract with the fundamental concepts around us. This project will contribute to current multimodal collections, which work to communicate about their subject using every possible resource.



poetry, multimodal, multi-modal, python, code, center, gyre, identity, womanhood, motherhood, stellar bodies, body, coding, solar system, astronomy, love, Physics, Mathematics, Honors College


Farrell, K. (2022). Stellar bodies: A multimodal poetry collection. Honors College, Texas State University.


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