/R/AMISEXY?: Content Analysis of the Depiction of Sexual Appeal on the SubReddit Amisexy?




Erickson, Ashley

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This research project examines sexual appeal in social networking sites, by analyzing posts on Reddit’s subreddit forum: “AmISexy?”. Social media has had a significant impact on how people present themselves on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Bareket-Bojmel et al 2015). Moreover, this research is relevant to sociology because it involves depictions of sexual appeal, the Internet, and mass accessibility. The intersection of these is important for a variety of reasons including, who is accessing the site to comment and/ or post the pictures as well as what are those posts and comments saying about the community as a whole. As a result of mass accessibility, there is an important question some people want others to answer, and that is, “Am I Sexy?”. The concept of people seeking verification from others is no new revelation, but, it is different on a platform that is generally anonymous in which people are compelled to ask strangers to rate their physical appearance. This is of interest because it examines the depictions of sexual appeal in an anonymous environment with less accountability, which may give space to truthful opinions of these users. For these reasons, the topic of sexual appeal in relation to social networking sites could best be approached sociologically. Reddit is a social networking site for discussions on what is new and popular on the Internet. Along with the site being a hub of new and popular things, Reddit hosts many sub forums that allow users to subscribe to more specific interests. Although Reddit is a great community to explore and keep updated on web trends, it can be a very intimidating platform to those who have not been acquainted with it. It can be intimidating due to its volume of content, as well as the website consisting mostly of males which according to a Pew Research study found that 6% of online adults were redditors in which men ages 18-29 consisted of the largest group.



hegemonic beauty standards, sexual appeal, social networking sites, body image, objectification, Honors College


Erickson, A. (2016). /R/AMISEXY?: Content analysis of the depiction of sexual appeal on the subreddit AmISexy? (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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