An Examination of Frame of Reference and Self-Control in Alcohol and Drug Addicts




Scott, Sarah

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Although the criminal justice system is often responsible for diagnosing and treating substance-use disorders, we have a poor understanding of the complicated processes underlying these issues. The present study was conducted in an attempt to determine what (1) local preferences (2) global preferences and (3) self-control can contribute to explanations of substance use-disorders. Sixty-four participants completed a questionnaire about their drug and alcohol histories, their short and long-term preferences for using these substances, and their levels of self-control. The results indicate that individuals with substance-use disorders generally prefer to use drugs or alcohol at discrete points in time but prefer abstinence over longer periods of time. Self-control also appears to be related to greater levels of substance involvement.



Addiction, Substance Abuse, Self-Control, Drugs, Alcohol, Distributed Choice, Decision Making, Relative Addiction Theory


Scott, S. (2013). <i>An examination of frame of reference and self-control in alcohol and drug addicts</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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