En Querida Memoria




Pedraja, Nancy

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En Querida Memoria discusses the parallels found within both myth and history. This series particularly focuses on the use and abuse of Mexico's national history, in addition, to my personal history surrounding Mexico. This photographic series questions how histories differ based on the person who "guards" it. Studied through this series is the phenomenon in which history -- specifically "monumental" and "antiquarian" as defined by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche -- provides an escape to a fantastical past created through the mythologizing and preservation of war heroes, folklore, and nations alike. Images in this series are created using a combination of Mexico's revoltionary history and my personal childhood history growing up in a city bordering Mexico. Furthermore, the color red is used as a motif throughout all the photographs alluding to its psychological connotations, referential qualities to subjects of war and nationalism, but especially, its connection to the color's cultural significance found in Mesoamerican societies within Mexico.



mythology, history, photography, art, Mexico


Pedraja, N. (2017). En querida memoria (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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