Results Pending Unit: Improving ED Flow and Patient Satisfaction [Poster]




Hartman, Amy
Willson, Pamela
Dolan, Diana

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Introduction: Emergency departments (ED) are often faced with long wait times and lengths of stay, which leads to unsatisfied patients. A Results Pending Unit can improve the ED workflow and lead to shorter wait times and lengths of stay. Patient satisfaction can be affected by the shorter time frames spent in the ED. Methods: A pre- and post-implementation comparison study was undertaken to evaluate the ED workflow and patient satisfaction ratings after implementation of the RPU on October 15, 2019. Administrative computer-generated reports and Press Ganey scores were collected and analyzed to determine baseline metrics prior to implementation, and then re-evaluated post implementation to determine results. Results: Outcomes of workflow and patient satisfaction were analyzed post-implementation of the RPU. With the implementation of the RPU, ED workflow was improved through decreased wait times and LOS. Patient satisfaction scores increased for Overall impression of the ED but did not show an improvement post-implementation of the RPU. Conclusion: The goal of meeting the national average wait time and length of stay was obtained by implementing an RPU. The facility patient satisfaction of 87.4% for Overall Assessment was met. The goal set for improvement post-implementation of the RPU.



results pending unit, ED flow, patient satisfaction, Nursing


Hartman, A., Willson, P., & Dolan, D. (2019). Results pending unit: Improving ED flow and patient satisfaction. Poster presented to the St. David's School of Nursing, Texas State University.


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