The Peer Tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader Experience: Perceived Gains in Learning, Connection to Campus, and Fulfillment




Cofer, Rebecca

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


This study explored the perceived gains of postsecondary peer educators, specifically related to their views of learning, feelings of connection to campus, and feelings of fulfillment as a result of their roles. The peer educator in the campus learning center is a critical but undervalued resource for student success. This is reflected in the literature, which has a gap in the research related to the experience of the peer educators themselves. To address this problem, a survey was sent through public listservs to college learning assistance professionals, who then distributed it to their respective peer tutors and SI leaders (N = 1217). Using three open-ended questions from the Peer Educator Experiences Survey, I analyzed responses to generate several themes for each question. I identified five distinct themes from responses to the first question, which asked participants about their views of learning. Of the five themes, “learned how/ways people learn” had the highest frequency of responses (n = 239). I discovered four themes from responses to the second question that asked about the most rewarding aspect of their jobs. For this question, the theme of “helping/witnessing growth” was the most evident response (n = 326). The final question asked about participants’ connections to campus; again, four themes identified four distinct themes. The theme of “campus people/resources” proved to be the most populous (n = 203). institutions and learning center administrators should consider these results when recruiting, training, assessing, and requesting funds for these programs.



tutor, supplemental instruction leader, peer assistance


Cofer, R. (2023). The peer tutor and supplemental instruction leader experience: Perceived gains in learning, connection to campus, and fulfillment. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 5(2).


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