They Cannot Guarantee What They Promise: Self-Control Strategies and the Importance of Proactivity for Personal Success in the Face of Temptation




Hill, Andrew Michael

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The topics considered here are the importance of proactivity to successful self-control and self-control strategies. Most people, in an attempt to overcome temptation, consider and utilize a small percentage of the tools available to succeed with self-control endeavors. This literature review explores many of the processes related to self-control and the coordination of related strategies together. By understanding the factors, internally and externally, that influence and effect self-control struggles, individuals can assess their current standing and proficiency in goal setting and achievement to formulate a personal plan. Too many 'self-help' resources offer 'cool sounding' or 'new' ideas and options 'to guaranteed to solve problems' without taking into consideration the specific individual's situation. Presented here is an adaptable set of tools to assist anyone attempting to improve their lives or the lives of those around them in order to increase and achieve life goals.



self-control, goal setting, strategies, proactivity, deliberate practice, Honors College


Hill, A. M. (2017). They cannot guarantee what they promise: Self-control strategies and the importance of proactivity for personal success in the face of temptation (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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