Content Analysis of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Curricula




Snow, Kathryn

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (TPP) have been the recent focus in sexuality education for schools and communities. Curricula have been identified as evidence-based and have been found to delay the initiation of sex, reduce teen pregnancy, and/or increase the use of contraception. Three reviewers assessed the content, alignment with the National Sexuality Education Standards, evaluation, and overall quality of three evidence-based teen pregnancy curricula in National Evaluation. The curricula included: Cuidate, Reducing the Risk, and Making Proud Choices. A curricula analysis tool was developed to individually guide the reviewers throughout the entire curriculum. The two reviewers who examined the same curricula met and completed an agreement form in order to ensure reliability. Virus (HIV) key concepts were covered the most. The depth of all curricula was inadequately covered. The average breadth of the curricula was 2.7 out of a five-point scale, and the overall quality rating of curriculum included: Cuidate! at 4.55, Reducing the Risk at 3.44, and Making Proud Choices at 3.64. The findings from this study support that the alignment of TPP curricula with the NSES is limited. Essential sexual health education is absent from the TPP programs that are encouraged to be replicated. Schools and health educators who implement these programs must understand that programs are not a “catch-all” for comprehensive sexuality education.



National Sexuality Education Standards, Teen pregnancy prevention, Sexuality education, Curriculum, Content analysis


Snow, K. (2012). <i>Content analysis of teen pregnancy prevention curricula</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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