Fermata: A Short Film




Haman, Ansley

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I plan to produce a short film based on a script I have previously written and is titled Fermata. This film follows two high school band students as their relationship with music starts to strain. The story behind Fermata was inspired by my own experience in a high school band and draws elements from films like Drumline and Whiplash. By telling this story through the use of an emotional soundtrack with an emphasis on visuals rather than dialogue, I plan to personify the following synopsis: Brothers Ace and Michael were talented musicians and their futures were both bright and full of opportunities. However, after a tragic accident leaving Michael without is brother, their dreams they composed together are diminished. Now Michael is haunted by the horn Ace left behind and the expectation to continue his legacy. Libby is Michael's only friend and she is losing control after changing schools. The perfection that she learned from her past music program is pressuring her to get back the life she had before. And having Michael achieve perfection with her is a part of her plan. She just needs to make sure he gets a grip. But the Michael she knew before the accident is long gone, and she feels more alone than ever. Now music is losing all its meaning. But music all Michael and Libby know how to do.



short film, script, high school, high school band, band students, Music, Honors College


Haman, A. (2022). Fermata: A short film. Honors College, Texas State University.


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