Shepictions: Barriers to Women's Advancement in the Workplace and the Gender Pay Gap Based on Stereotypes, Myths and Biases




Berkovsky, Randi

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Gender inequality in the modern workplace is a persisting issue that directly affects the salaries, position placements and employment rates of women. This inequality occurs due to stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination (Stockdale and Nadler, 2013). This thesis explores the human capital variables and other barriers to women’s advancement in the workplace that contribute to the gender pay gap including stereotypes, myths and biases and uncovers if they really make a difference. In addition, several studies on gender discrimination will be reviewed and the results discussed. This research seeks to determine whether or not stereotypes, myths and biases about women in the workplace directly contribute to the gender pay gap and the barriers women face every day.



gender pay gap, women, stereotypes, women in the workplace, gender bias, Honors College


Berkovsky, R. (2014). Shepictions: Barriers to women's advancement in the workplace and the gender pay gap based on stereotypes, myths and biases (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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