An Architectural Standard Based Functional Assessment Tool for the Shoulder




Mankinen, Julie M.

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Functional assessment is a component of evaluation utilized by practitioners across the realm of geriatric health care. While multiple types of functional measures exist, there is no common consensus as to which type of measure best represents the true functional status of elderly patients. Many of the existing measures focus on the lower extremities' capacity for mobility, or on the manipulative abilities of the hand or distal arm. Fewer resources in clinical practice objectively measure the functional status of the more proximal upper extremity. This study tested the design of an objective functional assessment of the shoulder, which was developed utilizing architectural design standards. The study also compared the results of this tool with currently existing subjective and objective measures. Results comparing younger and elderly subjects' performances on the developmental tool were inconclusive in illustrating differences in the upper extremity reach utilized for activities of daily living. Moderate positive correlations were demonstrated between the various types of assessment tools. Further research of the developmental measure might demonstrate more reliable trends in reach utilization by the elderly, which could then provide a basis for refinement of an objective, functional measurement of the shoulder which could have practical applications for use with the geriatric population.



shoulders, wounds and injuries, diseases, movements, treatment, functional assessment


Mankinen, J.M. (1997). An architectural standard based functional assessment tool for the shoulder (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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