Abolition, Irish Freedom, and Immigrant Citizenship: The Rise and Fall of the American Associations for Irish Repeal




Murphy, Angela F.

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My study investigates the transatlantic interactions among abolitionists, Irish nationalists and Irish immigrants as the issues of slavery and abolition complicated the first Irish nationalist movement in the United States. One of the central questions of my work is why anti-abolitionist sentiment was so pervasive among members of Irish American repeal societies' Irish nationalist groups so-named because they promoted the repeal of the parliamentary union between Great Britain and Ireland. Though several historians have noted the hostility of Irish American repealers towards the American antislavery movement, my own work will be the first book-length study of the phenomenon. In addition, my explanation of anti-abolition among members of the repeal associations departs from the traditional interpretation, which focuses on the economic status of the Irish American population.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


Irish nationalists, Irish immigrants, abolition, slavery in America, Irish Freedom, American Associations for Irish Repeal, citizenship


Murphy, A. F. (2007). Abolition, Irish freedom, and immigrant citizenship: The rise and fall of the American Associations for Irish Repeal. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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