Online Developmental Education Instruction: Challenges and Instructional Practices According to the Practitioners




Martirosyan, Nara
Saxon, D. Patrick
Skidmore, Susan

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


Using a qualitative survey research design, researchers solicited faculty input on challenges and common instructional practices applied in teaching online developmental education courses. Online was defined as 80% or more of the instruction of a course being delivered online. Participants of the study were faculty teaching developmental education courses online, primarily in 2-year colleges. They completed an online survey on faculty characteristics and various aspects of teaching online. The most frequently occurring challenges identified by field practitioners included technology issues, student engagement, time management, and basic literacy skills. The most commonly used instructional activities reported were discussion boards, multimedia, offering of feedback and synchronous sessions, and communication. Based on the findings, implications for practice are discussed, which can benefit faculty as they design and deliver online developmental education courses.



online developmental education, online developmental education courses, developmental education, student underprepared, instructional practices


Martirosyan, N. M., Saxon, D. P., & Skidmore, S. T. (2021). Online developmental education instruction: Challenges and instructional practices according to the practitioners. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 4(1), pp. 12-23.


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