Evaluation of Water Management Alternatives, Using Integrated Lake Basin Management Principles: A North American Case Study




Saunders, Beverly A.

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This study uses two management guidelines, namely Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) and the Integrative Participatory Approach, in combination, to address some of the issues affecting the Marsh and Rock Creek watersheds in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The major objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of management suggestions developed during the creation of the Marsh and Rock Creek Critical Area Resource Plan (CARP) (being developed as a requirement of the Pennsylvania Act 220). A modified version of a stakeholder-consensus based methodology, developed by Corazón de la Tierra, which uses ILBM principles as a base reference, was used to achieve this objective. The methodology specifically required all relevant stakeholders (citizens, political figures, local businesses, etc.) to participate in several facilitated meetings and workshops, with the underlying goal of obtaining a rating (from 0-10), by consensus, on a series of questions directed at evaluating the feasibility of various management suggestions in the context of what are known as ILBM governance pillars; namely, institutions, finances, stakeholder support, technology, information and policy. The scores for each pillar were then summed for each management suggestion, leading to a score between 0 and 60 (with 60 being the most feasible option to accomplish). The most technologically-advanced management programs received the lowest scores (primarily 30 or below), while the communication, monitoring and education programs received higher scores (primarily 45 or above). The basis for the scores for each of these pillars are discussed, as well as suggestions made for future refinements to this methodology. The scores resulting from this study will be used, in combination with a technical analysis, to determine which management suggestions will be included in the CARP and, in turn, the Pennsylvania State Water Plan.



Stakeholder based management, Integrative Lake Basin Management, Bottom up watershed management, Marsh and Rock Creek Watershed, Adams County, Pennsylvania, Workshop based resource management, Management alternative prioritization


Saunders, B. A. (2012). <i>Evaluation of water management alternatives, using Integrated Lake Basin Management principles: A North American case study</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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