Ultraviolet Micro-Raman Stress Map of Polycrystalline Diamond Grown Selectivity on Silicon Substrates Using Chemical Vapor Deposition




Ahmed, Raju
Nazari, Mohammad
Hancock, Bobby Logan
Simpson, J.
Engdahl, C.
Piner, Edwin L.
Holtz, Mark

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AIP Publishing


Polycrystalline diamond stripes, with a nominal thickness of ∼1.5 μm and various widths, were selectively grown on silicon substrates using chemical vapor deposition. Stress measurements using ultraviolet micro-Raman mapping reveal high compressive stress, up to ∼0.85 GPa, at the center of the diamond stripe, and moderate tensile stress, up to ∼0.14 GPa, in the substrate close to the interface with the diamond. Compressive stresses on diamond decrease with diminishing stripe widths. The stress map is well-described using finite element simulation incorporating solely thermal expansion effects.



diamond, ultraviolet micro-raman stress map, chemical vapor, thermal effects


Ahmed, R., Nazari, M., Hancock, B. L., Simpson, J., Engdahl, C., Piner, E. L. & Holtz, M. W. (2018). Ultraviolet micro-Raman stress map of polycrystalline diamond grown selectivity on silicon substrates using chemical vapor deposition. Applied Physics Letters, 112(18), 181907.


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