Charlie Sexton: Too Many Ways to Fall




Crouch, Jason

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The Center for Texas Music History


Charlie Sexton’s story reads like the quintessential Texas music fable: raw talent and sheer determination tempered by frustration and missed opportunities, much of it lived in the public eye. Sexton’s career began as child prodigy guitarist in the Austin music scene, fostered by some of the most celebrated artists there. He became an international heartthrob in his teens, struggled with major label woes, and rubbed elbows and performed with jet-setting rock stars. He searched for his lyrical voice and found success in the recording studio as an acclaimed producer. The journey has been costly in many regards, but at this point in his life, Charlie Sexton is the essence of the Austin music scene distilled in one career and man. More than thirty-five years into his career, Sexton remains a vital guitarist, a commanding vocalist, and, now, an in-demand producer.



Sexton, Charlie, Austin music scene, Guitarist


Crouch, J. (2019). Charlie Sexton: Too many ways to fall. <i>Journal of Texas Music History, 19</i>(1), pp. 20-31.


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