Geometry Teaching Knowledge: A Comparison Between Pre-Service and High School Geometry Teachers




Smith, Shawnda

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Geometry is a field in mathematics that every student in the United States is required to study in order to fulfill high school graduation requirements. The literature shows that three possible reasons for poor performance in Geometry and Measurement are: not enough exposure and emphasis in K-12 curriculum implemented by the teacher, challenges associated with implementation of Geometry and Measurement in the classroom, and limited knowledge of the teacher (Steele, 2013). Research is needed to investigate the levels of Geometry Teaching Knowledge of pre-service and high school geometry teachers. This study compares Geometry Teaching Knowledge between pre-service and current high school geometry teachers. Data was collected via an online MKT-G assessment developed by Herbst and Kosko (2014) and a post-assessment survey. Additional data was collected through interviews of three pre-service teachers and four high school teachers. Furthermore, this study also investigates where this knowledge is developed. Pre-service teachers did not perform as well as the high school geometry teachers in all of the domains: Geometry Content Knowledge, Specialized Geometry Knowledge, Knowledge of Geometry and Students, and Knowledge of Geometry and Teaching. When comparisons were made regarding experiences in pre-service teacher mathematics courses, education courses, professional development, current geometry classrooms, and ideal classrooms of both pre-service and current high school teachers, there were statistically significant differences. This study provides insight into the domains of Geometry Teaching Knowledge that could be used in making decisions regarding pre-service teacher education programs and high school geometry teacher professional development.



Mathematics, Geometry, Education, Teaching


Smith, S. (2016). <i>Geometry teaching knowledge: A comparison between pre-service and high school geometry teachers</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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